Explore virtual cities and landscape models, with XNavigator 3D viewer

XNavigator is a free Java application, featuring 3D graphics supported by OpenGL hardware acceleration. It is an interactive 3D viewer that will let you explore virtual city and landscape models. The main 3D content is downloaded from Web 3D Service (W3DS). A wide range of interaction and navigation possibilities makes it easy to visualize and analyze very detailed virtual urban environments.

Additional OGC services which can be accessed include: Web Map Service (WMS) * Open Location Services (OpenLS) including Route Service, Directory Service, and Geocoder * Catalog Service for Web (CSW) ebRIM profile * Web Feature Service (WFS) serving GML3 and CityGML content.

Features: Navigate freely through your virtual city model * Dynamic streaming of 3D content. Content is downloaded from 3D servers on demand * Use of the viewer as 3D route planning tool. * Select month and daytime to change lighting * Renderer can be switched to wire frame, flat, and phong shading * Modify the appearance of the scene by attributes, e.g. highlight buildings of specific type

XNavigator was developed at the University of Bonn, Germany, Department of Geography, Cartography Working Group, and at University of Heidelberg, GIScience group as a part of a research project on spatial data infrastructures.