Download Sculptris, to design 3D sculptures

Sculptris is a free program that will help you create 3D sculptures.

Sculptris is small and focused at its main task, which is sculpting and painting models.


Draw creases or folds. Inverse will make a ridge. * Rotate brush region. Click and drag outside the circle. * Scale brush region horizontally and vertically. * Draw/lift smooth features on the surface. Inverse will push down or draw holes. * Push surface towards the local plane. Inverse will deform and amplify details.

Move a region freely in the image plane. No inverse. * Expand in the direction of the surface. Inverse will deflate/contract. * Squish the surface towards cursor, tightening creases and corners. Inverse will do the opposite. * Soften features to make an area smoother and rounder. No inverse. * Remove triangles to decrease mesh density in the area touched.

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