Explore the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae CD ROM with TLG Workplace

TLG Workplace is a commercial program, for a free TLG (and PHI) reader, check Diogenes.

TLG Workplace makes fast and convenient searches, but the number of search matches is limited. Large amounts of text can be copied, although not a complete book. Besides this, a copy splits some words without reason. TLG Workplace provides also immediate lookup of words and translations at Perseus.

Searches can be performed inside a single collection, or through a group of collections. For these searches, the results can be easily printed or copied into a word processor’s document.

Sections of texts can be copied and pasted from TLG Workplace into any other Windows application. Searches are typed in Greek, and the searches ignore all accents, breathers and iota subscripts. Diacritical marks can be selectively added to the search, if necessary. AND, OR, NOT and proximity searching are all available.

Note that the TLG CD ROM is not included in TLG Workplace. Note also that the whole TLG project has now moved on-line exclusively, i.e. you might not be able to get even old CD ROM versions.