Make 3D models and textures with Wings 3D

Wings 3D is a free subdivision modeler inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware. It can be used to model and texture low to mid-range polygon models. Wings does not support animations and has only basic OpenGL rendering facilities, although it can export to external rendering software such as POV-Ray and YafRay. Still, Wings is often used in combination with other software, whereby models made in Wings are exported to applications more specialized in rendering and animation such as Blender.

Wings 3D uses context sensitive menus as opposed to a highly graphical, icon oriented interface. Modeling is done using the mouse and keyboard to select and modify different aspects of a model’s geometry in four different selection modes: Vertex, Edge, Face and Body. Because of Wings’ context sensitive design, each selection mode has its own set of mesh tools. Many of these tools offer both basic and advanced uses, allowing users to specify vectors and points to change how a tool will affect their model. Wings also allows you to add textures and materials to your models, and has built-in AutoUV mapping facilities.

Features: A wide variety of Selection and Modeling Tools * Modeling Tool support for Magnets and Vector Operations * Customizable Hotkeys and Interface * Tweak Mode lets you make quick adjustments to a mesh * Assign and edit Lighting, Materials, Textures, and Vertex Colours * AutoUV Mapping * Ngon mesh support * A Plugin Manager for adding and removing plugins * Import and Export in many popular formats