Enjoy your favorite stations easily and explore genres you like, with Pocket Radio Player

Pocket Radio Player is a free and convenient program that will let you enjoy Shoutcast radio. It features a nice gui that you won’t face any problem to understand and use immediately. It supports a lot of languages and it is portable — just unpack and run!

After you rate stations you will be able to enjoy even easier access to your favorite programs. You can also select a genre to have relevant stations immediately available at the main window.

Pocket Radio Player does not support playlists and bookmarks; just open a list of stations and select what you’d like to listen, in great audio quality. It will let you get rid of stations you don’t like, even by editing the default list. Using the same editor you can modify station names, URL, etc.

Pocket Radio Player is customizable; you can change skins and more interface elements. It’s a simple program, designed to avoid complexity, just letting you easily enjoy your favorite music.

Download Pocket Radio Player