Host a Web Site on your own PC easily or test your scripts, with Abyss Web Server

Abyss Web Server is a compact web server that does not require huge memory or excessive computing power to run. It can be used without problems even on small or outdated systems. A web management interface called the console makes the web server configuration easy as browsing a web site. You won’t need to edit configuration files. This console can be accessed from a local or a remote computer.

Abyss Web Server features an advanced URL decoding engine which rejects malicious and suspicious requests, and also an anti-hacking system which detects at an early stage hacking attempts or denial of service attacks and bans dynamically their originating IP addresses. It is also equipped with an anti-leeching system to automatically prevent other web sites from directly linking to your images or files. It supports the standard eXtended Server Side Includes directives to help you create dynamic HTML pages. Advanced directives such as #if, #elif, #else, #endif, and #set are available to enable flow control as well as variables setting and substitution constructs.

Abyss Web Server supports the automatic compression of its responses when it dialogs with modern browsers which understand HTTP compression. This contributes to the reduction of bandwidth consumption and makes your sites load faster for most of your visitors. Its ASP.NET support is not limited in anyway and can execute small test scripts written in C# or VB.NET as well as large applications which use the advanced capabilities of ASP.NET such as custom web controls, database access, authentication, web services, XML processing, MVC, AJAX, or RIA/Silverlight.

Abyss Web Server can run Web applications based on the Ruby on Rails framework. Their execution speed will be optimal thanks to the use of the FastCGI interface. Thanks to its CGI and ISAPI extensions interfaces, Abyss Web Server supports various scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, “Classic” ASP, Python, Ruby, Rebol, and TCL. Languages with interpreters FastCGI-compatible (such as PHP) will even experience a significant processing speed boost on Abyss Web Server with reduced system load.

Abyss Web Server supports the SSL and TLS protocols and is able to accept secure connections with strong cryptography (up to 256-bit keys). It includes a URL rewriting engine conforming to industry standards. It can help you hide the complex URLs of your Web applications and make them look more user friendly. Although URL rewriting is usually considered as an advanced feature, it remains easily controllable in Abyss Web Server through the comprehensible user interface of the console.