Host your own FTP server, even with resuming and with speed limiters, using free GuildFTPd

GuildFTPd is a free FTP server. It will let you add as many users as you want, and change anything the user can do. It also features system event messages, sound events, spy features, upload\download count, speed limiters, hammer banning, ban on noop, resume upload\download, and more.

More features: It shows the users currently logged into the server. Also lists the TCP/IP address, computer (Host) name, the name of the user who’s logged in, TCP/IP port in use and what he/she is currently doing on the server. If you right-click a connection listed, you can select to Kick them off the server.

Downloads shows the files that were, are, tried to be downloaded.

Uploads shows the files that were, are, tried to be uploaded.