Create and distribute your own text adventure game easily, using Quest

Quest is a free program devoted to 1980’s-style text adventure games. It will let you create your own text adventures, even including graphics and sounds – with no need of programming skills.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own game, but have been put off by complicated programming languages, Quest is a way to get started. With Quest Packager, you can create a setup EXE file for your game. This means your game will be like any other Windows application – letting people use it with no additional downloads. Although Quest is easy to use, it can help you create complex games.

Features: A full tutorial is included * Rooms * Objects * Characters * Containers * Surfaces * Pick up and drop objects * Use objects on other objects * Give objects to characters * Easily add commands, so players can do what you want them to do * Conditional “if” statements * Create and clone objects * Variables * Flags * Timers * Quest Compiler encrypts your game so others can’t edit it or cheat * All included graphics and sounds can be put into one file * Text-to-speech option, and much more.