Test SQL scripts, manage databases and organize development, with pgAdmin

pgAdmin is a free, reliable and powerful PostgreSQL interface that will let you organize your SQL projects. It will let you connect to databases, manage your tables and perform simple and advanced SQL tasks.

Whether you need to test a simple database or a complicated database project, you will pgAdmin equally useful. If you are familiar with postgreSQL, you will find also familiar the interface of pgAdmin.

The panel of pgAdmin features a server list including database objects (tables, functions, etc) and details about each object (owner, name, etc.). A Graphical Query Builder will help you to define your SQL queries whether to run or save them in plain text files. In case that you use some SQL queries frequently, pgAdmin lets you run them with keyboard shortcuts, using its ‘Query Tool Macros’ feature. As you would expect from such a tool, pgAdmin helps you to debug your code easily.

You won’t face any difficulty using pgAdmin, it is quite simple, and you only need to focus to your projects.

Download pgAdmin