Learn easily the physical location of the server of any site you visit, with Flagfox

Flagfox is a free Firefox extension that will place a little flag in the address bar of Firefox representing the location of the server of any site you visit. As is known, a domain’s ending sometimes represents the country where the server also is located, but this is not necessary and besides this, not all sites use country endings.

Flagfox can find out and display the actual country of the server, usually without mistakes.

When you click this little flag that corresponds to the country of the server, you are directed to a country map and learn more about the region coordinates, IP and ISP. A context menu available when you right click can show even more information, such as Whois, Reputation, etc.

Flagfox is a powerful and reliable addon in case you are interested in examining and learning details about web sites that you visit.

Download Flagfox for Firefox