Remap your keyboard keys, with SharpKeys

SharpKeys is a free, portable and convenient tool that will let you remap a keyboard key to some other key. Included in the application is a list of common keyboard keys and a Type Key feature to automatically recognize most keyboard keys, so that you can type the keys you need to change instead of searching for them in the list.

For example, if a key is damaged (note that you can have a Keyboard Checkup right now!), or if you are annoyed by accidental hits of a key like CapsLock, you can use SharpKeys to have your computer treat Caps Lock as if it was a shift key or anything. If a key is dead, you can map it some other, or if you have a keyboard with extra keys, for media etc., you can use this program to map those keys to others, perhaps more useful to you.

SharpKeys is not responsible for any of the keyboard remapping functionality – it simply exposes a Registry key that controls how Windows remaps keys and has been available to us since Windows 2000. The list of keys that are included in the application are from most of the US-based keyboards and is not guaranteed to be 100% complete for world keyboards.

SharpKeys will not allow you to: swap two keys with each other – e.g. you can’t have Q and Z swap places because the remapping code would get confused, map multiple key presses to one key – e.g. it will not support an attempt to remap Ctrl+C to the F5 key, map mouse clicks to any key, support certain hardware keys that never make it to Windows – e.g. Logitech’s volume buttons or most Fn keys, support multiple mappings for different users – the Windows key being tweaked is for an entire machine.