Fix your mouse if drag drop ability is lost almost completely

I was getting mad with this problem, I dragged an image to place it into an email message, or a file to move it to a different folder, etc, and my mouse dropped the file before I reached its destination, sometimes almost immediately after I started the drag and drop movement.

I use a nice and powerful Logitech G 602 gaming mouse, a reliable device that has always been working without any problem at all.

I tried to change the adjustments of the mouse using Logitech’s software, even update the software itself. Nothing helped!

A solution that can work is to left click an item, for example a file in Windows Explorer, and while you click you press also the Escape button of the keyboard. After you press Esc you can release the left button of the mouse and the problem should now be fixed!

This was a temporary solution that didn’t work all the time. I started to think that perhaps my mouse needs replacement, I replaced it with a Logitech G700 (I had already bought it before this problem, but preferred to use G602 because of its greater battery life and the greater number of buttons), and the problem was gone. So, if you have the same problem, try to see if with some other mouse things change. Enjoy!