Download free Sokoban 3D puzzle game with impressive graphics and special effects

Sokoban 3D features dynamic lighting, dynamic shadows, animation, spatial partitioning, 3DS model support and more. Sokoban is a classic puzzle game invented in Japan. The original game was written by Hiroyuki Imabayashi in 1980 and won a computer game contest. Over the years many versions have been made for all platforms and new levels are still being created.

Sokoban means warehouse keeper in Japanese. The object of the game is to push boxes into a marked position with a minimal number of pushes and moves in a crowded warehouse. The boxes can only be pushed, never pulled, and only one can be pushed at a time. This may sounds easy, but the levels range from very easy to extremely difficult. Some take hours or even days to complete. The simplicity and elegance of the rules have made Sokoban one of the most popular logic games.

Since the first Sokoban in 1980 many clones have been made with lots of features, yet it seemed that Sokoban was doomed to remain in the world of 2D-graphics. Well, not anymore. Sokoban 3D is an open-source project that tries to be the perfect solution for all the sokoban-fans who also like good graphics and gameplay.

Features of Sokoban 3D, or in short Soko3D: User-friendly menus * Free camera and level rotations * Impressive graphics * Special effects with particles * Support of ASCII-levels and LP0-levels (user can add levels too) * Music (user can add music too) * Playable in 18 languages * Pathfinding * Unlimited undo/redo, and more.