Download BoxWorld free puzzle game with 525 levels

BoxWorld is a free puzzle game, where the player has to place boxes in special places to gain energy to be teleported to the next level. If the player gets stuck by placing boxes in unappropriate places, he can retry the current stage, by pressing the R key, but this will cost a life. If all the lives are exhausted – the game is over.

Boxes can be only pushed, but not pulled, thus requiring ordering them with caution. The game features 525 levels for completion.

Because the stages are so many and hard to be completed in a single session, progress can be saved with the press of the S key on the keyboard (re-loaded with the L key). The Space key teleports to the next puzzle, but only if the current puzzle is already completed.

The player can be controlled with the use of joystick or keyboard. For better retro gaming experience, the use of analog joystick is recommended. The game is set as a sequel of the game MazezaM and has its own sequel in the form of BoxWorld 2.