To matte or not to matte? Glossy is impressive, Matte is classy.

Most printers let you choose between a matte and a glossy finish for your book. What should you choose? In my opinion, matte is the best for poetry and the like, glossy is better for technical stuff, but you should order both types to have first hand knowledge and decide by yourself.

* Glossy covers shine, they can be impressive, but compared with matte ones they seem cheap
* Glossy covers achieve a more striking and detailed look, with richer and darker blacks
* Matte covers have the feeling of a painting, they are more subtle, yet their blacks are relatively pale and they can give a dim or dull impression even in letters.

I believe, despite all the advantages of glossy covers, that most of the time mattes are superior: they are book-warm, high end, classy and artistic. I feel that I cannot praise them enough!