Turn your PC keyboard into a piano or a whole orchestra, with TinyPiano

TinyPiano is a small freeware that will turn your computer keyboard into an electronic piano with 43 keys formed in two rows. It gives 15 tones max. simultaneously, fine pitch tunable and a metronome function.

It doesn’t need installation – unpack and run the executable, which is also very small. It includes several piano types (grand, electric, etc), as well as other instruments, percussion, strings (not convincing), winds (not convincing), organ (various types) etc.

It is great not only for piano; you will find also other instruments that are truly convincing and enjoyable.

Features: The number of keys detected which are pressed simultaneously is limited by keyboard hardware. Record and replay functions. Output in a MIDI format available. Transposition (Shift in a piano keyboard) function. Fine pitch tunable. Metronome function (with M.M-Light). Key-assign remapable.