Download Cultris fast and free TETRIS variation with multiplayer abilities

Cultris is a free Tetris variation, extremely fast, that will let you train your reflexes in single player modes, enjoy a split-screen match with friends or play over the Internet. Cultris supports several game modes, and all of them with team-play. The graphics are pleasant. Playing Tetris alone can be fun, but Cultris was specially designed to be most entertaining when you play against others. The problem here won’t be the speed of the pieces but the other players, because they will send you garbage-lines, as you will too.

Garbage-lines are horizontal lines of grey blocks that are inserted from the bottom of the playfield, pushing the other blocks upwards, making it harder or even impossible for the player to survive. Each garbage-line has a hole, so that you are able to delete them. Each time you delete a line you get some time on your Combo-Timer. If you delete lines again before the time runs out, your combo-counter will rise. If you delete more than one Line you’ll get more time. Your combo-counter determines how many lines you send to your opponent in addition to the normal amount.

The amount of additional lines you get is about half the combo-counter. An example: Your combo-counter is 0 you delete 4 lines. Now you will send 3 lines to an opponent and you get some Combo-Time and your Combo-Counter becomes 1. If you delete now 3 lines before your Combo-Time runs out you will send 3 lines to the opponent (2 from normal line deletion and 1 from the Combo).

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