Using PhotoMasque in PhotoFiltre


* Color
Allows you to set the color and opacity of the mask.

* Transparency
Automatically defines the transparency of the image used by the mask. Gradient effects are removed (automatic duatone).

* Grayscale
Allows the mask to be used to create grayscale effects.

* Gaussian blur
Allows the mask to be used to create gaussian blur (very fuzzy) effects.

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Allows you to smooth the mask before applying it.


This option cancels the levels of gray. Pixels are rounded to the nearest black or white color. The grayscale is thus removed.

Stretch mask

The size of the mask is adjusted by deforming it to that of the image.

Tile mask

Size of the mask is not modified. As many copies of the mask as are necessary are used to cover the surface with the image.

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