Trim, split or extract parts of MP3s using markers, with mp3Extractor

Mp3Extractor’s main objective is to extract one or several (adjacent or not, but not overlapping) portions from an audio file and write them to new (optionally tagged) audio files. It can also be used to trim and split audio files.

The portions to be extracted or trimmed are determined by listening to the input file and dropping markers. If you need to cut mp3 files automatically, by detecting silent parts, then try another freeware, mp3DirectCut.

mp3Extractor does not include a player but uses Winamp under (bi-directional) remote control. You can browse your file either using Winamp’s interface – or entirely through mp3Extractor. All the markers dropped appear on a spreadsheet where they can be modified. Additional information entered in the spreadsheet will be used to tag the exported audio files.

This program was originally written to simplify the otherwise enervating process of cutting hour-long radio music shows: separating interesting songs from DJ’s talk, the news, station jingles and the mass of uninteresting music – and write out these tracks (and only these tracks) properly named and tagged.