Beautify the names of your files easily, with Filesman

Filesman is a free program that will help you beautify the names of your folders and files, e.g. if you have some names in uppercase others in lowercase, others with underscores instead of spaces, etc.

Note that Filesman does not support Unicode special characters, it works only for Latin.

Features: Rename all the files in the selected directory * Rename all files in subdirectories * Rename just directories * Upper case after a blank space * Upper case after a dash * Upper case all * Lower case all  * Convert underscores to spaces * Optimize spaces: when “-” is found, it changes to ” – ” * Minimize spaces: when ”   –    ” is found, it changes to ” – “;

Preview before you apply any changes * Rename just selected files: use filters * Multiple file selection * Numbering of files * Remove any numbering present in file name. * Add any sequence of characters, space, dashes. * Remove any sequence of characters * Convert file names to 8.3 format (DOS) * Undo * Print file list