Backup or synchronize to local or FTP folders, with AutoVer

AutoVer is a free program that performs automatic or real time backups. It can be used as a simple real time backup or as a more complex, but transparent version control system (like a real time incremental backup). Once you set it up (which is easy) it does everything by itself, you won’t have to remember when to backup your files or to check them. Each time you save a file it is copied to your backup folder, drive or FTP server. You can include and exclude certain files and browse the backups with the Backup Explorer.

Features: Select any folder, drive or FTP to backup to (including memory sticks and network drives) * Restrict which files and folders to include and exclude (by file mask) & maximum size * Zip or delete old versions after a specified time (or just keep storing the files) * Optionally delete backup files upon original file deletion * Fault tolerance in case your backup folder/drive goes off line or source files are locked. Drives re-sync’ed when they come online * Run a program on each file change so you can encode, resize or do anything to the file – just use AutoVer for the change detection, and much more.

One of the most annoying situations you must have been into, if you’ve tried a lot of backup programs, is that, when you change your backup program, your old backup sessions become useless. Most of the times a backup program won’t even let you decide the exact destination folder, always adding its own root-folder in the destination. AutoVer does not suffer  these defects, it gives you full control of your backup destination folders and it will take into account backups created by other programs!

A really great backup tool!