Batch zip, even automatically, files and folders, with AutoZipper

If you need to compress often or regularly some files and folders in a zip archive, AutoZipper is a free utility that will help.

AutoZipper can be configured to archive your files using relative or absolute paths. After you define your groups of files and folders, all your sources and the destination in a so called “Project” file AutoZipper creates, a file you can double click whenever you want to perform your archival jobs.

If you perform these tasks regularly, you can use the Windows Task Scheduler to run the AutoZipper job automatically in any interval or upon any event supported by the Scheduler. Otherwise, whenever you want just double click to run the job yourself.

AutoZipper lets you select the level of folder you need include in your archives (root folder only, etc.), encyrpt your archives with a password, even execute some app after your project is complete.

Download AutoZipper