Share Outlook calendars, even password protected, with NetCalendars

CodeTwo NetCalendars is a free application that will let you share your calendar with others to sync the work in your office – in the local network or over the Internet. Using NetCalendars you can keep a calendar that other users will access, as well as access public calendars that are kept by your fellow workers at their own computers, so that all of you can work as a team. Groups of employees and whole departments can keep, view and edit the same shared calendar; all of the changes they make circulate through the network in real time – new appointments and meetings are visible for other users in a split second without the need to issue a synchronization prompt.

The calendars created in CodeTwo NetCalendars share some features of MS Outlook calendars. You can tag the appointments and meetings with colors. You can add reminders to items to make sure you are alerted. The items will include data fields for the subject, start and end date, location and extra description.

NetCalendars lets you keep working in the Outlook calendar while gaining the sharing functionality. Any change you make to the outlook-based calendar is immediately reflected in the shared calendar. Your fellow workers will easily access your Outlook-based calendar from their machines.

You can also configure the access rights so that only authorized persons are allowed to see, add, edit and delete items in the calendar that you host. You can also print multiple calendars in a single view, have private appt. that will be hidden from all users but yourself, work in offline mode when your PC is disconnected from the network.