How to use Subtitle Workshop to create or edit your subtitles

* Extrapolate. Subtitle Workshop will use mathematical routines to calculate the times for every subtitle in the file even if it is outside the scope of points. Using this you can have behaviours like the one you would obtain using “synchronize using two points”, but with more points.

* Return original time (no changes). If a time is outside the points range and you want to calculate the new time, Subtitle Workshop will return the original time so no changes will be made. This is useful, e.g. if you only want to adjust subtitles 100-200 and leave all the other subtitles as they are.

* Return displacement of neighbour point. If desired time is before first sync point, then it will calculate the new time using the displacement of the first sync point. If desired time is after last sync point, then it will calculate the new time using the displacement of the last sync point. Useful sometimes.

When you are done configuring all the settings, click the Adjust! button.

Duration limits

Duration limits makes possible to fix the duration of all the subtitles in a file to a range of time. Subtitles which appear less than 1 second are usually hard to read, except for “Yes” and similar, small, words. Sometimes there are subtitles with more characters and with short duration, or subtitles with durations greater than 10 seconds, in which cases you should use this feature. You can set a minimum and maximum possible duration for the subtitles. Each duration shorter than the minimum allowed duration will be increased to the minimum possible duration you set, without causing overlapping with the next subtitle. Each duration larger than the maximum possible duration will be set to the maximum duration you set.

To set duration limits click the “Edit/Timings/Set duration limits…” menu or press the [Ctrl]+[L] keys. After that you need to enter the maximum and minimum duration in milliseconds and press the Apply button.