How to use Subtitle Workshop to create or edit your subtitles

Method 2: synchronize using two points

This method will work very well in most cases. It works by taking two points of the subtitle file and two points of the video, and calculate the times using a linear algorithm. The first pair of points will be called “First sync points” and the last pair of points will be called “Last sync points”. Each pair of points consists in one point in the subtitle and one point in the video, the point in the subtitle has the wrong times and the point of the video has the right times. After selecting the first and last sync points Subtitle Workshop calculates the rest of the times accordingly. The closer the first sync points are to the beginning and the last sync points to the end of the movie, the better results you are going to get.

Method 4: advanced subtitle adjust

Use this if the two points methods fail. This feature makes possible to adjust subtitles in the worst cases, when desynchronization is not constant, or varies in different parts of the subtitles. This system lets you select multiple subtitle/video points so that you can synchronize the subtitle by “parts”.

In the video preview controls, you will notice that last button is “Add subtitle/video synchronization point”. You will need this button later. These are the steps you should follow:

* Select the subtitle you want to mark as point. The point will always be the selected subtitle’s initial time. This subtitle can be any subtitle in the file.
* Play the video until you find the right time for that subtitle, when you do, click the “Add subtitle/video synchronization point” button or press the [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[P] keys. The Adjust subtitles window will appear, and advanced mode will be set by default. This window is “non-modal”, that means, you can still use the main Subtitle Workshop interface while it is opened.
* You need to repeat the two steps above for each point you want to add. You can use the “Add” button to enter a time manually, or the “Add from media” button to add points directly from the Adjust subtitles window (it works the same way as the button in the video preview control).