If Winamp Global HotKeys are gone completely blank (you see only white space)

If you cannot see your Winamp Global Hotkeys, do not panic!, things are easier than they seem.

You do not need to reinstall Winamp or change anything whatever in its configuration. You see only blank white space instead of your Hotkeys, because the column that displays these keys has not enough width.

Most probably, after you installed some program that messes with screen resolution, while you had Winamp open, the width of the HotKeys column was decreased to zero!

Just hover your mouse over the (equally blank) header, to the (start of the) left side, until your cursor becomes a vertical line with two arrows on its sides. Press and drag to the right, in order to give width to this column and let your beloved Winamp Global Hotkeys appear again!

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  1. Trib32 says:

    Thanks that worked very well :)