Backup Foobar configuration with AutoSave AutoBackup 2000

AutoSave AutoBackup component will let you save configuration and other data of Foobar2000 automatically.

It saves the configuration (the whole configuration subfolder), Media library database (database.*), playlists and any additional data managed by other components (for example theme.fth or PlaybackStatistics.dat).

The backup process stores a configurable list of files and directories into a ZIP archive with file name like “” in a user-specified folder.

The “Autosave & Autobackup” branch in the Advanced preferences of Foobar will let you adjust these settings: Autosave while playing, every X minutes (0 = off) * Autosave when playback stops, after X minutes (0 = off) * Always, no more than X minutes since last autosave (0 = off) * On startup, after X minutes (backup only, 0 = off) * Every X tracks (0 = off) * Files and directories to back up (sep. by ;, relative to profile folder, wildcards supported) * Directory where to store the backup .zip files * Number of backup copies to keep, Default: 2