Limit the bandwidth of Chrome or of any program efficiently

Several scenarios are possible when you need to work on line. You may download something with a torrent client, while you visit some pages with a browser, or you may download several files using several programs, etc. Unfortunately Windows won’t let you distribute bandwidth between your programs the way you need.

Here is how you can easily overcome this difficulty and control the bandwidth Chrome or any browser or program is allowed to use. The way I suggest here you cannot manage the bandwidth of more than 4 programs, unless you purchase a commercial version of the program that will help you do the job. I wanted to tame just Chrome, so 4 programs are more than enough for me.

After installation of TMeter go to “Network Interfaces” and select the interface of your internet connection (e.g. Realtek PCIe etc.). When you are asked select the “Private” option if you are home, or “Public” if you are on some cafe, etc. Then go to “Process Definitions”, and click to “Add” a new one. Click the dots at the dialogue that opens to locate the executable of the program you need to control. Give a name to this definition, click OK and then Apply. You can define up to 4 processes the same way, i.e., a definition for Chrome, another one for Edge, another one for Firefox and a fourth one for uTorrent.

Now you can create filters for the programs you defined in the previous step. Go to “Configuration” > “Filterset” and click the button to Add a filter, then Add Rule. This is where you select one of the programs you have defined. Go to “Source” > Local process and in the “Process Definition” box select some of your definitions, e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc., whatever you have defined. Click OK to finish here and then give a name to your filter, check to “Enable Speed Limit (Traffic Shaper) in KBytes/sec”, write to the box at the left the upper bandwidth limit, e.g. 100 (this number means KB/s) and click “OK”, then “Apply”.

Finally, if TMeter is not capturing your traffic yet, click the “Start Capture” icon at the toolbar. Now Chrome or any other browser or any program that uses the internet and is defined and filtered, will behave, it won’t ever get bandwidth more than 100 KB/s or whatever you have decided for each of these programs. Note that the moment you disable TMeter’s service, your programs will return to their previous habit, i.e. they will fight each other for all the bandwidth they can steal! Enjoy!