Efficiently prevent site prompts, alerts and notifications in Chrome browser

So many sites these days popup alerts asking to keep you informed on this and that! Of course those alerts cover a part of the page and they can be really annoying. As you may know Chrome includes a Setting (at Privacy and Security > Content settings > Notifications) to always block notifications, without exceptions, or “ask before sending”. Yet, even if you select the always block option, several prompts still find their way to pop up and annoy!

Fortunately, there are Chrome extensions that help make this blocking more efficient, such as Poper Blocker and Alert Control (I’m giving download links in case you’d like to try both of them). They will control browser alert windows, blocking by default or on specific websites, which is exactly what Chrome itself is supposed to do already. Note that if you add one of these extensions to Chrome’s native blocking abilities, you might lose also really useful alerts such as those coming from your blog’s admin pages, for instance, when you are asked if you want to delete a plugin and its data, etc.

However, if even these extensions won’t prove tough enough for you, there are tougher, such as the powerful ScriptBlock, that controls javascript, iframes, and plugins, even mitigating cross-site-scripting(XXS) attacks and drive-by-downloads. The extension lets you add trusted sites to a whitelist. Note that using this extension you will interfere with pages so much that some of them may not be even readable, in which case you need to temporarily or permanently disable it for those sites.

Therefore, besides Chrome’s native option to block notifications, I’m giving you here three Chrome extensions which you can use one by one to decide what helps you most. Enjoy!

Download Alert Control, Download Poper Blocker, Download ScriptBlock