Optimize your PC system, even fixing broken shortcuts, with Puran Utilities

Puran Utilities is a free and powerful collection of programs that will help you to keep your software in good shape and achieve better performance from your PC.

Puran Utilities provide a program uninstaller, a disk checker, service and startup managers, an empty folder remover, a disk cleaner and wiper, a shortcut fixer, registry defragmenter and cleaner, a system info applet, data and file recoverer, a file splitter, a duplicate file finder, a shutdown timer, a Maintenance Wizard and a Batch Fix mode that lets you put several tools to work without having to run each tool separately.

Personally I was impressed with the Shortcut Fixer, a utility that found about 1300 broken shortcuts in my music drive and was able to resolve most of them where other similar utilities failed.

You may not need right now all of the utilities included here, but why not have them just in case you need them in future? Puran Utilities is quality software you may like to try if you appreciate the optimization of your PC and your having more control over it.

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