Instantly hide any or all windows and mute sound, with Clicky Gone

Clicky Gone lets you hide windows from the desktop and the task bar, to protect your privacy without closing programs or losing documents. It will also help you keep a cleaner environment: if you are running lengthy tasks taking up space on the desktop or the task bar, you could hide them and come back to them later.

Hit the Boss Keys to hide the active window and optionally mute sound. You can hide a window completely or place an icon in the system tray.

Features: 1. Click and Hide by holding down keyboard modifiers 2. Run hidden windows in Low priority 3. Toggle all windows to hide and show 4. Boss Key support, hide the active window and mute the sound 5. A fancy menu that shows you all your hidden windows 6. Prevent click hiding on full screen applications, i.e. Games

7. Hide menu on applications caption and taskbar icon 8. Process priority menu on applications caption and taskbar icon 9. Hide windows in system tray or completely 10. Prevent stuborn windows from showing up after they are hidden, (i.e. when a task completes and the application opens a new window to let you know).