Zip unzip fast, even with encryption, spanning and integrity checks, with Bandizip

Bandizip is a free, reliable and powerful archiver that supports all formats you may need, from zip, rar and cab to 7z, tar, iso… If you are going to have any problem with this archiver, which I doubt, surely it won’t be with unsupported file types.

An impressive aspect of Bandizip is its pleasant modern interface. You may like to uninstall your current archiver just to enjoy the minimal interface of Bandizip. Its settings though could have been less crowded.

The program supports drag and drop extensively, it can search inside an archive, and it features a convenient flexible context menu in Windows Explorer that includes a preview of the selected archive. Bandizip can also delete the source files after the creation of an archive, just like some audio converters delete source files after a conversion is finished.

Contrary to what is common with some other archivers, Bandizip handles itself file associations, you won’t need to go the Windows Settings to change anything. Just select what file types / extensions you’d like associated with Bandizip, and the program will apply your choice instantly. Bandizip is fast and is certainly a program you’d like to try if you need an archiver.

Download Bandizip