Load your files to VLC by using just a shortcut key

Shift+F1 is a keyboard shortcut that I use every day many times, because it’s the one I associated with VLC Untied!

VLC Untied is a free utility adding even more power to the powerful VLC media player.

By just pressing a keyboard shortcut I am able to start VLC (restart it, if it’s already running) automatically loaded with just the files and / or folders I selected in Windows Explorer. Using a different shortcut (Shift+F2) I add the newly selected files to those already loaded in VLC, that is, I enqueue them.

Both of these shortcuts can be customized from the settings of VLC Untied. Personally I use Shift+F1 far more than Shift+F2 because I like random mode in VLC and, if I just enqueue files then played files will be played again along with the newly added.

To be honest I just can’t use VLC without VLC Untied. I’m so thankful that I can start playing my files in VLC the way that I want by just pressing a keyboard shortcut!