Batch download videos and photos from media hosting sites, with RipMe

Did you even want to get an entire photo gallery or that great video collection? RipMe will help you do it.

The program is written in Java (you need Java Environment installed first; it’s a .jar file, not .exe), and supports batch downloading from Reddit, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, DevianArt, Twitter and Imgur. RipMe works even from a USB device, without installation.

To use it just paste the URL of the album you are interested in or let it monitor the clipboard to get it automatically, and select a folder to save the downloaded media. You have nothing else to do than watching your files arrive one after another!

The program can also optionally save titles and descriptions, in case you want them. Like in a torrent client, you can have several jobs running simultaneously, but you know how useful it might be to have also an album re-downloaded when the on-line version is updated, and RipMe does also that.

Download RipMe