Automatically resize new images in a folder, with Dropresize

Dropresize is a free and portable (no need to install) application that will automatically resize any image you put on specific folders. It resides in the system tray so it won’t interfere with your work, however it’s readily available if you want to configure it.

To use it, just run it, specify folders to be watched by the program and configure the image resize settings per folder. Now, everytime you copy an image into one of your specified folders, Dropresize will resize it there, creating (if you want to) a backup in a different folder.

Resize settings will let you define high or low quality, even if you want to keep exif data, and, most important, will let you resize your images by width or by “longer side”, instead of having to give the exact dimensions of both sides.

The program works great, and you will find it very useful if you have regular resize needs.