Change power plans easily from a system tray icon, with AutoPowerOptionsOK

AutoPowerOptionsOK is a free, simple, portable and light (tiny) utility that can prove very useful, if you need to change power plans often to save energy or to increase performance whenever you want to without having to search for the relevant settings in the Windows control panel.

The program places its icon in the Windows system tray letting your right click and select the power plan you want to activate. The options offered are “Balanced”, “High performance” and “Power saver”. It will also let you open the relevant Windows settings directly from the same menu.

A nice addition is also automatic turning off the monitor or put the PC to sleep or change power plan when the PC is idle, etc. You can customize these scenarios at will! Besides these, the program provides also access to several Windows settings and functions, such as restart, but these are less needed.

AutoPowerOptionsOK is well made and convenient free utility you may like to try.

Download AutoPowerOptionsOK