How to schedule power off and power on times in your Android smartphone

I used to think sometimes that my Windows Phone was a little difficult to use with all those settings! Until I was obliged to start using Android phones after Microsoft abandoned its phone platform. Android is really a mess! I wonder who would be able to conceive an OS so badly organized.

Some time I encountered this option that would let me define a time when my phone would power off and another time when it would wake up again, this way saving a lot of battery. The other day I changed my mind and I wanted to increase power off times to save even more battery.

There the problem begins, because a simple search wouldn’t lead me to the desired setting. Then I browsed all settings again and again without success. This option (or at least a link to this option) normally would be available at the power settings or / and at the Clock and Battery settings. But, no joy…

Finally the option was discovered (guess where…) at the “Security” settings, where a Battery usage sub-section contains the power off and power on scheduler. If you are not familiar with the Security settings, a search this time works. Locate “Security”, go to “Battery usage”, and enjoy!