Check a PC for malware instantly and easily with the portable Dr.WEB CureIt!

If you need to check fast a PC for malware, you can download the portable Dr.WEB CureIt! and perform any type of scans you need in order to discover and eliminate probable attacks. You can have it on your hard disk or to a USB drive or CD to check any PC you like.

You need first to update its virus definitions (the free version won’t receive updates automatically and it won’t provide real time protection), then perform a scan. CureIt! should be used only combined with some real-time antivirus tool, and then you will appreciate its effectiveness.

The program is easy to use, as you would expect from any antivirus utility, and it will let you scan particular locations only.

CureIt! can be trusted for what it offers, but you should not neglect your permanent or regular antivirus protection — and, above anything else, do not forget to create system images to restore a healthy system fast and easily in case of a virus attack or other problems.

Download Dr.WEB CureIt!