Download TimeComX, to shutdown or perform other scheduled actions

TimeComX is a small and portable freeware for Windows, that can execute various actions after a specified time or under a lower network and processor activity. It is resource friendly and easy to operate.

Features: Restart * Shutdown * Log Off * Lock * Hibernation & Suspend Mode + Wake Up * Play any type of audio-file * File execution ( e.g. batch files )

You can also let TimeComX take a screenshot before an action starts.

The program is equipped with a transparency mode (right mouse button) and can be optionally kept in the background as a tray icon. A useful feature for parents is the locking-facility by using a password. Once TimeComX is locked and started, it won’t stop counting down until your computer, e.g. shuts down, or until you enter the correct password.

TimeComX has an alarm sound which can be customized. Before the countdown has run out you will be warned optically and acoustically. If necessary, you have sufficient time to intervene and stop the countdown process.

Currently supported languages: English, French, German, Greek

TimeComX is portable – no need to install, just unpack and run, even on an USB-Stick.

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