Open, print or convert easily AutoCAD DXF, DWG, SHX files, with de-caff Viewer

de-caff is a free and efficient viewer, printer and converter (not editor) of AutoCAD documents. If you don’t need to edit a document but only to view or print or even export to other formats, and you are working with DXF, DWG, or SHX files, de-caff Viewer will be a great help.

The program is made with Java with all the known limitations that annoy Windows users, especially some sense of primitive looks and feel in the user interface, lack of smoothness, etc. And of course you need to have the Java Environment installed on your PC.

de-caff Viewer lets you zoom, pan, rotate, open information, and more, including search options. It will also let you change the document background if you prefer white instead of black, even toggle using a shortcut key. Besides viewing and printing you can copy drawings to the clipboard or save them as images with all common formats supported, such as gif, jpg and bmp, but also svg or ps.

The program lets you customize it in several ways to work as you see better; you can even invert the direction of your mouse wheel or change your default codepage. If you don’t need an AutoCAD Editor, you can find any other option in this great freeware to handle an AutoCAD document.

Download de-caff Viewer