MusicBee plugin deletes current track and plays the next one, with a shortcut key

I’m surprised that such a great player and organizer as Music Bee won’t offer by default a hotkey to delete the track you may be currently listening and automatically proceed to the next one.

You can download from this page a plugin that will do precisely that, delete (to Recycle Bin) the current track and immediately start playing the next one.

To use the plugin, extract the archive you download from this page in a folder on your disk, then copy the included dll file mb_SendToRecycleBin.dll to the Plugins folder of your MusicBee installation (usually at \Program Files (x86)\MusicBee\Plugins).

Start MusicBee and go to its Hotkey preferences to define any shortcut you may find convenient to Delete Current Track and Play Next (Playback group).

Download Delete Current Plugin for MusicBee