Automate browser operations easily recording them with Browser Automation Studio

Browser Automation Studio is a free program that will let you record and repeat easily whenever you want actions that you use to perform with your browser. A commercial version of the program is also available, but in most cases the free one is just fine.

You need to be cautious, not to hurry, because each browser actions needs to finish before it is recorded, e.g. you can’t open a new page before the previous one fully loaded, otherwise your previous page won’t be included in the script.

Browser Automation Studio lets you record scripts that including lots of actions, such as opening web pages even to a given point inside them, compete captcha questions, change the size of your browser, manipulate popup windows, and much more.

Note that compiled scripts can be also shared with others, in case you don’t need this automation for your own needs only.

Download Browser Automation Studio