Edit LilyPond musical scores with highlighting and preview, using LilyEditor

LilyEditor is a GUI for Lilypond files, with preview, syntax highlighting, PDF integration, pre-parsing, etc.

LilyEditor will let you edit LilyPond files in a friendlier manner without losing power. As soon as a musical score gets large enough, code distribution forces you to spend most of the time jumping and searching for the right spot in the code.

LilyEditor addresses this problem by keeping all measures together. The main view has as many code editors as voices and you see the information related only to ONE measure.

You can move back or forward one measure by hitting PageUp and PageDown; LilyEditor will save the current measure and load the next for you. LilyEditor has an integrated preview window, which will show you – as you type in – which notes / rests / clef, Lilypond would output. This happens as you write, so you can recognize errors very fast. This preview is clickable too.