Make MKV files, even adjusting chapter time, from several formats, with ChapterEditor

ChapterEditor lets you create easily MKV files from multiple video formats or blue ray disks, just editing the chapters, without changing video or audio content. The program is free and portable (no need to install it).

Its interface is outdated but ChapterEditor will do the job, using several tabs that help to organize your video file better. ChapterEditor includes a lot of other free utilities and combines them to perform chapter editing for a lot of formats. You can use the program to modify existing chapters or create custom chapters yourself, even changing input FPS rate.

The list of supported formats is really impressive: 3GPP TTXT File — Bluray/mpls — BSPlayer (ini) — CCE (csv) — CCE SP Text File — Celltimes Text — ChapterGrabber.chapters File — CueSheet (cue) — DGIndexNV.dgi File — DVD Author Text File — DVD IFO (VTS_xx_0.IFO) — GrassValley Edius V2+V3 (csv) — HC Enc Text file — Hybrid(Selur) chapterqueue CHP File — Hybrid(Selur) mkvchapter CHP File — Matroska Files (required: MKVToolNix) — Micro DVD Player (ini) — multiAVCHD Text File — Muxman — OGG Chapter Text File — Premiere (csv) — qpf File (MeGUI) — Scenarist SD (csv) — Scenarist BD (tsv) — Sonic Cinevision CSV File — Sonic Scenarist CSV File — Spruce DVD Maestro CHP File — SVCD (hhmmsscc) (txt) — Timecodes Text File — Timecode lists Text File, Format HH:MM:SS:ff — tsMuxer Meta File — VLC bookmark files — WebM files // new — x264 qp text file — xml Matroska chapters file

If you have some experience in playing with video editing you won’t find much trouble using ChapterEditor, otherwise experimenting a while will help, since the program is simple. Advanced users may also like to use a command line tool

Download ChapterEditor