Create audio books with chapter marks, using Chapter and Verse

Chapter and Verse is a free (for personal use) program that will help you create audiobooks divided by chapters for the iPod, iTunes and Quicktime. Starting with any audio file supported in iTunes, the user can combine multiple input files into a single audiobook with chapter marks.  Non-AAC files are automatically converted using iTunes.

Chapters can be added, modified or deleted as desired for the combined audiobook. Chapters can be created automatically at the start of each input file and they can also be added at regular intervals specified by the user. If a single file with existing chapters is selected, the user can then add to, modify or delete the existing chapters. Chapter images can also be specified for the chapters and they will be shown during playback on iTunes, QuickTime and on selected iPods.

The user can specify fourteen (14) metadata or information tags (e.g. Title, Artist, Album, Composer and Comment tags) as well as the cover artwork for the combined audiobook. A virtual copy is created to allow the user to test the changes prior to building the combined audiobook. The user can then add a chapter at specific time or adjust an existing chapter based on the time position of the player during playback.

Project files containing all input file, chapter and metadata settings can be saved and opened to allow for later editing. Additional tools are provided to import/export metadata, artwork and chapters. The user can also query the audio properties of input files. At the end of the audiobook build process, the user can choose to have the audiobook automatically added to their iTunes Library.