StyleRef MS Word field inserts chapter title in headers

It is professional and most of all it is convenient for the reader, especially if your book includes a lot of chapters, to have the chapter title in the Header (or Footer) of each page. Word can do this easily, but not obviously, which is the reason of this post.

You need to have your chapter titles (headings) formatted after a style. Do not just make them bold or anything, apply a style, e.g. heading 1, or heading 2, 3 etc, then modify this style as you wish, with bold, italics, whatever.

In some of my documents I use heading 3 for chapter titles, which I want to appear also in the header of each page, and heading 2 for Section titles, which I want only in the Table of Contents.

Double click the blank header (or footer) area to start editing, then in Word’s menu go to “Header & Footer Tools” > Design > Quick Parts > Field, and in the list at the left find and select the “StyleRef” option. Another Column appears at the right. Locate there the style of your chapter titles (Heading 1 or 2 etc) and click OK to confirm your selection.

Word now will insert in the Headers of your document all chapter titles formatted with the particular style. Note that you can add in the Header before or after your Chapter Titles any descriptions you like. For example, if instead of titles you have just numbers for your chapters, before these numbers in the Header or Footer area you can write manually the word “Chapter”.