Convert text to speech on the fly or save it in several audio formats, with DSpeech

If your eyes are tired, or if you want to read a text along with friends, or if you want to practice your listening skills, or for any other reason if you prefer sometimes to have a text read aloud to you, just download this small utility called DSpeech.

You can also use DSpeech to just convert text to speech and save it as an audio file to distribute.

Dspeech is light, is free and is very convenient. It will let you change speed, volume and pitch. And of course you can enjoy any voice available in your system instead of the default one, changing it even using hotkeys!

You don’t even need to hear the full text, you can place the cursor anywhere you like and start reading from there. The program supports also bookmarks.

Dspeech saves converted text to several audio formats.

Download DSpeech