Create a video story with FlexClip free on-line video maker

FlexClip is an on-line app you can use to combine small videos and export the result to your PC. The program lets you add a title and make it interesting with custom formatting, it lets you add microphone input or music from your PC or using a stock library and of course add videos and photos.

As you can guess FlexClip is not any kind of advanced video editor, you cannot perform complex modifications, but that is not its purpose.

There are two serious problems with FlexClip; first, you cannot use it without registration, which means sharing at least your email address, and second, you cannot upload videos of a significant length. Your “movie” can have a lot of parts, each of them being no more than just a single minute! Forget about using this 10 or 30 minutes video you have from your vacation or from reviewing your favorite product. Documentation too could be better organized, even navigation.

If you don’t care about these limitations, you will find FlexClip perhaps useful, in case of course that for some reasons you wouldn’t prefer similar and more powerful desktop apps, such as the Windows video maker currently included on Windows, or the previous, but still working fine Windows Live Movie Maker.

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