What if Windows Recovery cannot recognize your system image backup?

If you are in this desperate state, needing to restore a system image only to find out that Windows cannot even see that you have an image, you are right: you should have been more careful when you made your rescue plans! However, don’t overdo it with remorse: Windows Imaging should be reliable. I was thinking it was, until sometime it didn’t work!

In this post I will help you to get back your system, restoring it without the need of Windows Recovery, and then I will propose a way (that I follow myself) for better safety measures in the future, always using free applications.

First of all, you need to convert the system image Windows created, in a format that can be used by a program able to restore it.

Go to the folder where your system image is saved, locate the two vhdx files (the large one is for the main system disk, and the small one is for the System Reserved partition), right click on the large file (forget about System Reserved partition) and select the “Mount” option. If Windows gives an error and Windows Explorer won’t show your backup file as drive, do not panic. Go to “Disk Management” and most probably you will see there your mounted drive.

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