Schedule backups on network drives or FTP, with Personal Backup

Personal Backup is a free and powerful program that will help you save copies of your data in a folder on a fixed or removable drive, on a Windows network server or even on FTP. You can define as many backup tasks as you wish. All sub-folders are included automatically, but the user can exclude or include any of them by selecting them or using a filter. Other criteria include selection by file type, file age and / or file name.

Original drives (C, D, etc.) appear at the destination folder as sub-directories. The original directory structure remains unchanged beneath these folders. All files may be compressed in gzip, either in toto or separated by subfolders as zip files. Optionally all data can be AES algorythm-encrypted.

Performing the backup can be done manually or automatically. During backup the program checks whether files to be saved are newer than those already backed up. Only new files and files with newer timestamps are saved. An alternate criterion is the archive bit of the files.

Automatic backups can be started on logon, at a selectable time of a day, on logoff or on shutdown. You can make scheduled backups with destination paths changing daily or weekly. It is easy to start a backup using the Windows Task Scheduler and the command line options of the program. Note that Personal Backup cannot be used to save and restore system files.

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